Anantha by AhaGuru Foundation

Sponsor 10 High Tech Prosthetics for 10 Amazing Amputees
Reached 1,00,000 / Target 10,00,000
Raised 10%

This morning you got ready to go about your daily routine. You tied your child’s shoelaces, drove your vehicle, turned the pages of your book, and ate a tasty, home-cooked meal. This is a normal day for you. For an amputee, this is a day they can only imagine about.

For an amputee, these are privileges accessible only if they have 30 Lakhs to spare.

Assistive Technology in India has been a very stunted market. Functional prosthetics are expensive and replacement parts are hard to source. Aesthetic prosthetics provide little consolation. Along with a lack of function, they usually follow a “One Size Fits All” approach.

We at AhaGuru Foundation are passionate about nurturing scientific minds, and providing them with a platform to make revolutionary innovations. We have partnered with Symbionic in a flagship campaign to empower amputees. We want to provide a functional prosthetic arm to 10 amputees.

Symbionic is an initiative aimed at making functional prosthetics customisable, affordable and accessible. They have high-end bionics using 3D printing and innovative sensor technology. Symbionic is under the support of the VIT Technology Business Incubation program, the ATA Lab Accelerator Program and the Arizona State University Venture Devil Program (visit to know more about their work).

We wish to remove the systemic barriers that prevent people from getting proper healthcare. We want to improve the quality of life of amputees. We want to give 10 people a new lease on life. But for this, we need your support. We call upon you to be our partners in this new venture of ours. Donate now, to be a changemaker.